SDF-Modern Street Combat

The Most Formative Self-Defence System Anywhere!

Welcome to the SDF's own Self-Defence system. This particular system has been nearly FIFTY (50)years in the development. It is based around amalgamations and adaptations of several systems of personal combat and 1000’s of hours of both practice and study by the Head Founder: Dave Turton 10th Dan and his many loyal and highly skilled students, affectionately  known as SDF'ers.

As a complete, total and ‘all-round’ system, there is an equal balance of both the physical and non-physical aspects of the art of self-defence.

SDF self-defence also covers the methods of ‘self-protection’ and ‘personal safety’, methods that are often lacking in many of the more common martial arts systems and styles.common martial arts systems and styles.

Because there is simply no one SINGLE art, system or style of martial art that covers EVERY aspect of realistic self-defence, the SDF and Dave Turton used methods from many sources, including (unusually, some NON Oriental methods) the following systems/styles:

  • Goshinkwai
  • Combat Ju-Jutsu
  • Atemi-Jutsu
  • Combat Grappling
  • Pag & Crayling
  • Catch Wrestling
  • Sohal Dal & Murma Adi
  • Chausson & Savaux

In fact, many techniques from martial arts can be included provided the principles are followed.

Because there are NO sporting applications to the SDF System, there are NO restrictions in its training methods as such. This is not to say we are overly 'violent' and uncontrolled. In fact the opposite is true. 

Although the methods and techniques may appear to be much more Aggressive and 'Brutal', the need for greater restraint and control in training is greatly emphasised.

ALL SDF Self-Defence methods are geared TOTALLY towards modern 21st century Street Self-Defence & Self-Protection ideals.

There are NO defences against 16th Century Japanese spears or swords, no use of Japanese or other Foreign languages, no Gi's (Martial Arts training suits), no 'bowing' or enforced etiquette.

The SDF SELF-DEFENCE SYSTEM is NOT a traditional martial art in any way, therefore it is not restricted by the confines of the manner in which traditional methods are taught or practised.


The emphasis is on developing each INDIVIDUAL to his or her own personal abilities, based on age, sex, physical condition etc.

Fitness although an asset is in fact NOT a pre-requisite to good self-defence, as if you are unfortunate enough to be in a self defence situation, the SDF methods are based on getting safe in a very short time. We are NOT training for 10 x 3 minute rounds as would many combat sports competitors.


One the THEORETICAL side, the main PRINCIPLES & CONCEPTS of the System are explained and studied. It is ONLY by intelligent application of these principles; by their PHYSICAL methods that we can hope to best survive violent encounters.

Indeed all the Physical Techniques are no more than a physical application of each and every principle.

These principles are comparatively simple and basic in the early grades, but obviously become more complex as the students progress.


We hope you both enjoy and benefit from training in and taking the various Grades within the SDF SELF-DEFENCE SYSTEM.

The SDF-Modern Street Combat System has 7 coloured (kyu) grades and 5 Black belt grades.

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