History of Goshinkwai by Dave Turton

This is just a short explanation on the system of martial art known by the term GO-SHIN-KWAI.

It isn’t a COMPLETE work on the history and development of the style, just a few sentances so that students and other interested persons have something to understand and know a bit more about it.

When l first came across the style in 1970, it was a small elite group known as ‘THE GOSHINKWAI SCHOOL OF COMBAT’ in Pontypool South Wales Headed by two brothers, John & Gordon Warfield

When l left the Welsh organisation in 1990, l asked JOHN WARFIELD about the best way of teaching what l had learned from the two Warfield brothers, and what name to use.

John was adamant that l could always claim my previous grades in their style, but l couldn’t use their name.

I chose the name ‘THE GOSHINKWAI COMBAT SYSTEM’, as a way of honouring my roots, yet not claiming something l didn’t have anymore, a current grade in their style. Thankfully, John was happy with that.


I left as a 5th Dan from John Warfield, my subsequent grades came from other masters, especially the auspicious International Budo Association (I.B.A.), an organisation l had joined through the late great PHIL MILNER 10thDan, and my good friend MASTER DAVE ALLEN 10thDan. It was mainly through the I.B.A. and Phil Milner/Dave Allen that l was awarded grades from 7th – 10th Dan.

My own system is @ 75-80 % derived from the original Goshinkwai and l am massively in debt to the style and the founders John & Gordon Warfield.


As far back as we can


Mountain Warrior monks of old Japan, and a YAWARA is an old combat style that pre-dates Ju-Jutsu, and was the mainstay of the Yamabushi. 

The main reason for their inclusion is that they had to be excellent combat men, as they were SOLITARY, they travelled alone all round old Japan, so they had to understand footwork and movement very well. They fought bandits on their own and survived living in this manner.


He was a former Yamabushi taught by the head combat instructor for the Yamabushi known as “ORIBE”, l have no information on ORIBE



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Middleton Goshinkwai Club Rochdale 1976