This membership is for Individuals or Instructors that wish to join us independently

Individual Membership includes:

  • Membership allows members to attend any ASMAA-SDF event/seminar at a discounted rate.
  • ASMAA-SDF Membership card with your own membership number
  • Ability to train at any ASMAA-SDF Club across the UK
  • Discount First-Aid and Training programs
  • Listed on our website
  • Recognition of your grades and/or Style/System
  • Full use of our polices and procedures
  • A genuine 10th Dan at the Helm - well known and well respected
    ​All individuals and instructors may join regardless of other associations you may be with.
    As an Instructor or individual, if you teach, then you will still need Indemnity Insurance

Instructor/Individual Membership Cost:      £25 per year*

*Note: FREE for 2 years for Individuals who take our SDF Self-Defence instructor program