Asmaa goshin-jutsu

Asmma's own Self-Defence Martial Art

This is ASMAA's Self Defence system for Martial Artists.

This system was complied by Dave Turton 10th Dan. He has combined over 50 years experience in various arts to produce a Self-Defence system for Martial Artists. He produced this style after producing a Self-Defence Syllabus for non martial artists.

There is a complete syllabus from beginner to black belt and beyond. The syllabus has eight coloured belts grades and 5 dan grades. The system is practised in a Gi and is a combination of Impact Strikes, Controls with Throws and Takedowns.

The system is available throughout the UK with registered Instructors available to teach and grade in the style. All Instructors are a minimum 1st Dan in the style.

Black belts from any other system or association can apply to train and be graded in ASMAA Goshin-Jutsu. They are then able to teach and train in the style once grading has taken place. You must be a Black Belt to teach the system.

All grades have a fixed fee with a percentage going back to ASMAA, all certification is provided by ASMAA.  

Instructors may charge their own fees for classes or instruction. 

Please contact either Dave Turton 10th Dan or Richard Lane 3rd Dan for seminars and instruction in ASMAA Goshin-Jutsu