affiliation membership

This Membership is available for Clubs that would like to be affiliated with us but don't or can't move away from their existing association/organisation (no insurance is included in this option).

Club Affiliation

For clubs who are members of any other organisation but wish to have an affiliation with ASMAA-SDF.

Main benefits

  • Keep with your existing orginasation/Association
  • Club discount on seminars/training courses etc
  • Add an additional martial art or self-defence training to your club
  • Support and backing from a True All Styles Martial Arts association
  • Backed by a genuine 10th Dan 

Price for Affiliation membership is as low as £6 per person*

*Note: Please speak to us if you have a large club membership that you wish to affiliate.

**Note - No insurance is included in this membership option & if you attend any ASMAA-SDF event you must ensure your current insurance allows you to participate.